Photo: Nicholas Gemini


Miss Krijewski – teaches such boring lessons that children fall asleep in class!

Miss Michele – is able to hurdle over the tallest building in the world.

Ashton – can use his mind to think quickly and solve problems (as well as being super strong).

Jonah – has zero gravity and can absorb oxygen.

Claire – has invisibility and can shoot rockets from her invisible cloak

Lily – can change the weather depending on how she is feeling.

James H – can click his fingers and get anything he wants.

Jade – can stretch and stick and communicate with animals.

Chalita – has a special costume with wings on her back so she can fly like a bird and sting like a bee.

Prai – can draw spray paint and graffiti with her fingers.

Kai – can create dust clones by punching people with his dust fist (dust army).

James R – breathes fire from his mouth and turns into a giant fireball.

Arun – can create thunder and lightening as well as travel as fast as the speed of sound.

Robin – can bend steel with his finger as well as control lightening.

Alyssa – has the ability to save anyone who gets into trouble from problems in nature.

Katya – can control the time, make it faster, slow it down and stop it (control people).

Nicha – can turn into other people and can pretend to be other people.

Lavayna – magical power to create the loudest noises in history.

Uma – can read people’s minds and control their thoughts.

Olivia – her fur changes colour depending on the weather/camouflage.

Fanis – can turn any item or object into food.