Year 6 recently spent a very productive week in the Secondary part of the school to give them an idea of the similarities and differences that they will encounter next year when they come across permanently in August. They had sample lessons in lots of different subjects including English, ICT, Design Technology (where they made a key ring), Science (where they took their Bunsen Burner driving license), Geography, History, Mathematics and Languages. All the teachers were impressed with the Year Group’s enthusiasm and readiness to have a go at anything!

As part of the week the children made a ‘lipdub’ to the song “Firework”. Many of both the Primary and Secondary also took part either waving goodbye to them from Primary or welcoming them into Secondary. On the final day the students produced some incredible work either in Drama, Art, English or ICT to show just what they had learned about the changes they face in August. The nicest part of it was that no one was worried about the change any more but instead were really looking forward to it.

Well done Year 6!
Wendy Carson – Key Stage 3 Coordinator