The afternoon beach games were won by a one point margin and see 7C just ahead of both 7A and 7B who are tied the one point behind.

Still to be credited are the fabulous creations and a highly appealing crocodile taking first spot (Jazzmin, AJ, Olivia D, Hermione and Gemma), while close up in second was a gorgeous turtle: mother, baby and nest. (Pad, PorPan, Oak, Bank, Kim).

An hour in the pool was much fun although we want the sun to shine!

In the evening students experienced life in the slums and were being asked to feed their families and pay their rent in a PHSE simulation exercise. Amazingly several gave little thought to selling their possessions or indeed family members if it meant their survival.

All students have been great; lots of energy, a lot of noise and good enthusiasm. Long may it continue. All tucked up in bed (that was at 11pm!), but how much sleep is had remains to be seen! Morning call 7.10am.

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