A glorious day in Ao Nang!

7A did very well in persevering up the mountain and exploring. They had a great time and wrote some beautiful Haiku poems having been inspired by the views and the challenge.

7B enjoyed some time snorkeling but were more enthusiastic about developing their skills in leaping from the boat!

7C entertained some monkeys on their kayaks, paddled gracefully through the mangroves and worked on their team work skills – certain teams’ communication in the mangroves left a little to be desired!

We played party games during the evening as well as issuing rewards for various feats across the week. These ranged form ‘Hero of the Week’, ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of camp and the ‘Most Forgetful’.

We hope that some sleep is to be had and we look forward to safe travels tomorrow. Our plan is to be at BISP for 2.40pm but we shall keep school informed and send communications should this be significantly different.

We look forward to seeing everyone then. Some very tired students and some very tired staff! However, a lovely week in which we all feel we have learned a lot about Year 7!

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