Year 9 Student Development Week at British International School, Phuket (BISP) kicked off on Monday 14 November with a day of environmental awareness.

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Teams of students worked throughout the morning to research a given area of environmental concern, which included topics such as air pollution, landfill sites and food wastage.

They were then tasked with organising a stall at the afternoon’s Environment Fair, which was attended by over 100 Primary students from Years 3 and 5.

The Secondary students were excellent in teaching their younger peers about the issues that we and the next generations increasingly face, and they also effectively educated students about the possible ways that we can all help to minimise our impact as humans on our environment.

Interactive games and presentations were also devised by many students to effectively convey these messages.

Students’ team working, communication and organisational skills were honed throughout the day and all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

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