Process of Enrollment, Further Information & Terms and Conditions

  1. After receiving your application form, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm if you have successfully obtained a place on the programme that you wish to join or to answer any questions you have.
  2. We will then send you an invoice for the full amount of the programme costs with a payment due date.
  3. Once we have received your payment, your place on the programme is secured and we will send you an official receipt.
  4. Approximately 1 month before the start of Summer Camp, we will send you the Summer Camp Handbook. For Camp students, we will contact you to confirm your travelling details.
  5. Please note that it is not possible for students to either arrive early for the programme or to depart late.

Please note the following information regarding the terms of participation

1. Medical Treatment

Participant and parent(s), including guardian(s) (hereafter ‘parent(s)’) authorize BISP personnel and their agents to provide or secure medical care for participants, or to transport participants to the medical or dental facility for treatment. Care includes a physician, hospitalization, surgery and medications. The participant and his parent(s) further authorize BISP staff or other medical personnel to render such treatment they deem necessary for participant’s health.

Participants must have International health insurance or Travel medical & health insurance that is valid for the duration of their Summer Camp period. BISP will only arrange the accidental insurance for all students but if there is any expenses which exceeds the coverage or any expense occurs due to the students’ health problems which are not covered by the accidental insurance, the parents will have to take responsibility for the occurred cost.

2. Personal Belongings

Participants are not expected to bring to BISP large sums of money, expensive devices, phones etc. Passports and traveling documents will be collected upon arrival by our staff. Although the best possible care will be taken, the school cannot be liable for the loss, theft or destruction of any personal belongings.

3. Photo Release & Publicity

Participants and parent(s) authorize BISP, and/or parties designated by BISP, to use photos, videos and recordings which may be taken of or include participants, for sale or reproduction in any manner BISP desires, for advertising, display, educational, audiovisual, exhibition, social media, online media or editorial use.

4. Positive Summer Camp Behavior

The group atmosphere is a very important part of the experience. Everyone works together in an atmosphere of respect for peers and team leaders. Although we don’t impose strict rules of conduct, actions detrimental to the programme or those that prevent us from enjoying a healthy and fun programme may result in the participant being sent home with no refund. Both parent and participant must understand that for the health, safety and welfare of all members of the programme, participants must abide by all rules stipulated by BISP or by BISP staff members.

5. Removal from the Summer Camp programme

BISP reserves the right to send the student home immediately with no refund if the staff believe that the student is injurious to him/herself or others or presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts him/herself in a manner detrimental to the school’s reputation and fellow students. This includes, but is not limited to, use of illegal drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, sexual activity, theft or disregard of instructions. We do not accept students who have a criminal record, and have been/are in trouble with the police in their home country. Should this information come to our attention during Summer Camp then the student will be sent home immediately with no refund. In the case that parent(s) cannot amend flight ticket for early departure or cannot pick up the student on time, it will be surcharge for extra staff to take care the student, private accommodation and transportation.

6. Payment & Refunds – Please note the following terms:

  1. Students can apply for 1 discount only. Please note that only the maximum discount will apply. For example if early bird and returning student can both be applied, then the returning discount which is higher will be applied.

  2. The BISP Summer Camp operates on a first paid first served basis. Your place is guaranteed until full payment is received. Please note the terms on the invoice.

  3. Early bird discounts only apply if payment is received before February 15th this year.

  4. Cancellation 1 month before programme commences – 100% of payment refunded.

  5. Cancellation within one month of the Camp start date, evidence from an Embassy demonstrating a declined visa or a medical certificate prohibiting participation will be considered on a case by case basis ahead of any possible refund.

  6. Cancellations made once course has started – no refund made.

  7. If students wish to change courses once they have started the programme, then if spaces are available, this is possible. Student’s parent has to send email to confirm by Thursday of each week for following week programme.

  8. Refunds or reductions are not allocated for late or non-arrival or early withdrawal.

  9. Participants and parent(s) acknowledge that if the participant is dismissed or departs for any reason, or chooses to return early from the programme, no refunds can be granted. Furthermore, participant and parent(s) are responsible for any and all costs of early departure including additional staff supervision costs, accommodation and transportation, whether the dismissal is for medical reasons, personal emergencies or otherwise.

FAQ (BISP Summer Camp):

Can students mix morning sessions in 1 week?

Students can only choose 1 morning session base on a weekly basis. If students choose English, it’ll be an English session for 1 week (Monday-Friday).

Does Full camp mean the camper will enjoy the overnight camp?

Full Camp is the full residential programme so students will stay at the boarding house on campus and will be taken care of by house parents. Boys and girls will be in a separate house. Boarding accommodation will be various from single, twin or triple rooms with communal bathrooms. Normally senior students (above 12 years old) will get a single room and younger ones will share a twin room.

What is the difference between Day and Full Camp programme?

For Day programme, it’s Monday to Friday at 08:30-18:00 only. For Full Camp programme, it included weekend and evening activities from Sunday (check-in) to Saturday (check-out).

What is a Sibling discount?

Sibling discount is only for direct siblings. Your 1st child will pay full price and your 2nd child will receive a 20% Sibling discount for booking at the same course & same period.

What will be the fees for day students?

Day programme (week days, 08:30-18:00) is THB19,500 per week per 1 student. Parents are required to drop off and also pick up their child daily.

What are the costs for any additional off site trips?

There is no additional charge for all activities and trips in the programme schedule.

What will be the age range of the children during the summer camp?

9-15 years old, last year there were approximately 65% of 9-12 years old and 35% of 13-15 years old.

Are there school buses available during summer camp?

Camp can offer school bus service if there is a minimum of 3 students per route for the same week period and must be booked in advance. The Cost is as per below;
Route 1: Laguna, Bangtao, Surin @ 3,500 Baht per student per week
Route 2: Phuket Town @ 3,500 Baht per student per week

what is the approximate number of kids that do more than one week and roughly what % stay in the second week?

From previous records, there were approximately 80-100 students joined the camp per week and more than 50% join us up to 2-4 weeks.

what is the Payment process for us to secure a place ? Is it by bank transfer or credit card?

Your place is guaranteed until full payment is received. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or by credit card authorization with an additional 1.4% card fee VISA/MASTERCARD (we’ll send you the form if required).

Is there any weeks scheduled for the camp in August?

No, BISP annual Summer Camp will be held for a month in July only.