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From March 8th to 10th, 2024, the swimming community gathered at the BISP Sea Eagles Swim Invite, an event that showcased exceptional athleticism among teams from various parts of the region. This year’s competition was particularly thrilling, with 471 swimmers from 12 teams representing four different countries: China, South Korea, Myanmar and Thailand.

The BISP Sea Eagles, the hosting team, soared to victory, claiming the top spot with an impressive performance that more than doubled the points of the second-placed team, LJ Swimming Club from Beijing, China. Here’s a breakdown of the top teams’ scores:

  1. BISP Sea Eagles Swimming: 3,786 points
  2. LJ Swimming Club: 1,679 points
  3. Aqua Panthers: 1,637 points
  4. KIS Barracudas: 1,170 points
  5. ISS Samui Sharks: 916 points
  6. Trident Myanmar Swimming Team: 752 points
  7. Hangzhou Xiangyang Swim Club: 626 points
  8. Thanyapura Phuket: 592 points
  9. King’s Bangkok: 494 points
  10. UWC Thailand: 350 points
  11. Branksome Hall Asia: 300 points
  12. St Johnsbury Academy: 208 points

Several standout swimmers from BISP also made their mark by finishing in the high point standings for their respective age groups. Among them were Jake in the 8 & under boys category, Siera in the 11-12 girls category, Anton in the 11-12 boys category, Valeriia, Josephine, and Zina in the 13-14 girls category, and Enkhmend and Jaidee in the 13-14 boys category. Additionally, Duana, Soumaya, and Elsa excelled in the 15 & over girls category, while Zac and Chuan showcased their talent in the 15 & over boys category.

The excitement didn’t stop there, as the competition saw an astonishing 20 new meet records being set. BISP swimmers were particularly dominant in this aspect, with Anton breaking records in the 200 backstroke and 200 butterfly, Enkhmend in the 200 breaststroke and 50 breaststroke, Soumaya in the 200 freestyle, and Duana in the 400 freestyle.

Notably, BISP relay teams also made their mark by breaking meet records in various categories. The 15 & over girls’ 200 medley relay team consisting of Elsa, Duana, Hanan, and Soumaya, along with the 13-14 boys’ 200 medley relay team comprising Enkhmend, Jaidee, Reilly, and Gleb, showcased exceptional teamwork and skill. Furthermore, the 15 & over girls’ 200 freestyle relay team and the 13-14 boys’ 200 freestyle relay team comprising Enkhmend, Jaidee, Andrei, and Gleb, set new records, highlighting the depth of talent and dedication within the BISP Sea Eagles Swim Team.

​​The 2024 BISP Sea Eagles Swim Invite was a thrilling display of talent as well as a widely accessible event, thanks to its live-streaming feature. Sponsored by Bumrungrad Hospital and facilitated by the Z-Coaching Foundation, the competition reached a global audience, allowing supporters to witness the excitement from anywhere. The races were meticulously overseen by officials from the Thailand Swim Association, ensuring fairness and adherence to standards, while timing precision was supported by CNX Swimming.  

Watch Live-Stream of Day 1

Watch Live-Stream of Day 2  

Thank you to all the swimmers, coaches, parents and supporting staff who made this a successful event. Looking ahead, the success of the 2024 BISP Sea Eagles Swim Invite sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated event next year, scheduled for March 7th to 9th, 2025. As the swimming community continues to grow and evolve, events like these serve as invaluable platforms for athletes to push their limits, inspire each other, and create lasting memories.