Academic Scholarships


“To enable the best to access the best” – Headmaster Simon Meredith

Scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed


  • To maintain a high standard of academic excellence by enrolling exceptional students from around the world
  • To provide existing students with an incentive to do well in the school, and to recognise achievement in a tangible manner
  • To contribute to the local community by providing opportunities for outstanding students from Phuket schools

External Academic

Dr Arthit Scholarship

These scholarships will be awarded for academic potential at the level of the IB Diploma. They will be based upon proven academic excellence, a good command of English and the potential for the student to have a positive impact upon others.

Travel expenses and the cost of external examinations, uniform and laptop are not included in the scholarship award.

Internal Academic

All internal students are automatically entered for these.

Orange Riband

This is awarded to the top-performing IGCSE student each year.

Number of awards: One

Nature of the Award: Full tuition fees for one academic year. (Or 50% for two years of the IB programme)

Minimum qualifications: 8 A* in the June examinations.

Blue Riband

This is awarded for outstanding success at IGCSE.

Number of Awards: Two

Nature of award: 50% reduction in tuition for one year.

Minimum qualifications: 6 or more A* or A in the June examinations

  • Awards will be given to the top three students only; all other grades will be taken into account if the number of A* or A is equal.
  • All recipients of the IGCSE Ribands will receive a personal plaque recording his or her success.
  • The Award will be acknowledged in all applications for tertiary education by recipients.