Learning Support

A Personalised Approach

The British International School Phuket seeks to provide personalised and ongoing support that enables our learners to access learning inclusively.

BISP has an Additional Educational Needs (AEN) department which reflects the school’s values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity. The department aims to help all students recognise and reach their academic potential and for all students to feel supported in any area that affects their academic performance in terms of social, emotional and intellectual contexts.

An Inclusive Philosophy

In order to help children who have additional educational needs, the school will adopt an inclusive and graduated approach. To help achieve this, the team also works closely with the wellbeing and counselling department to further support both students and parents. We recognise there is a continuum of additional educational needs and may need specialist input from external services on the difficulties a young person may be experiencing. We have access to speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, educational psychologists, trained counsellors and the STEPs programme.

The AEN department assumes a solutions-driven approach in supporting our learners in order to maximise potential. This means looking closely at our students and our pedagogical approaches to find ways to support any identified needs. The AEN department works closely with parents and staff to help understand the nature of a particular barrier to learning.

A Collaborative Support Network

The department is student centred and considers practical ways to support and create change for a student in order to efficiently move a student towards independence and confidence. This is supported by collaborative investigation, interventions and assessment, coordinated by our department and recorded for all staff to access. The AEN department at BISP will do its best to ensure that the necessary provision is made for any pupil who has additional educational needs and that those needs are made known to all who are likely to teach them.

For more information on AEN at BISP please contact Clare Bolzon (Primary) or David Walker (Secondary).