Wellbeing Overview


At BISP we are committed to institutional wellbeing. A strong wellbeing foundation leads to a purposeful, balanced and productive learning community, where we can all thrive and flourish.

Our understanding of wellbeing is evident in the way we talk to students and each other, the behaviours we model, and the core values we uphold – respect, compassion and integrity. It is implicit in our interaction with others, and the professional and moral code that we follow in our school. We unlock potential in each other and encourage periods of reflection to support personal growth.

Engage, Relate and Shine

Wellbeing is multi-dimensional, and our programme includes elements of positive psychology allowing us to ‘engage, relate and shine’ as follows:


Cognitive Wellbeing: A belief in the limitless opportunity and endeavour that learning presents.

Spiritual Wellbeing: Being mindful of the present and finding meaning and purpose in life.


Social Wellbeing: Interacting with people in our community and beyond, in a way that enables us to ‘connect, act and reflect’.

Emotional Wellbeing: Using positive emotion to reflect with gratitude, enabling us (and others) to flourish in our community.


Physical and mental wellbeing: Being active and engaged in both mind and body with experiences that support healthy and optimal living.


"Counselling has changed me for the better. I feel that it’s absolutely improved my well being and overall experience with school and life. In the darkest of my moments, it helped reassure [me] that I’m on track and it helped me realise a lot that I had no idea about myself."

Bisp Student

Counselling Team

Our school counselling team provides support to students across the school and contribute proactively to our emotional wellbeing sessions. Specifically, our counsellors provide a high-quality counselling service to students who experience a wide range of emotional problems as well as providing support, guidance and advice to parents, carers and the school.

The counselling service contributes to our wider safeguarding measure to promote the safety, wellbeing and personal care of children and young people.

Parent Wellbeing

The school also contributes to the wellbeing of the wider school community – both staff and parents.  We recognise that the role of the parent is essential in a child’s wellbeing, therefore the school has run a number of wellbeing sessions for parents on topics such as, “Understanding the teenage mind”, “Mindfulness” and “Supporting your child through COVID”.

Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is also essential to creating a happy and productive working environment. We have an exceptionally low staff turnover at the school which is a testament to how staff wellbeing is looked after. This then allows students to have a strong sense of belonging – and also allows them to develop long-lasting positive relationships with staff over a number of years.

The school operates an open-door policy where all the senior leadership team are available to discuss any issues and tackle them before they become problems. The school looks to provide activities for staff to promote a sense of family – from sporting activities to social events. The school counsellor is also available for all staff to speak to if required. Ultimately the school looks to employ staff who will be teachers of the child first – regardless of their subject area of expertise. This then provides our students with positive role models in their lives which allows them to develop into resilient adults.

Primary and secondary wellbeing

You can see more detailed information about our primary and secondary wellbeing programs below.