Scholarship Information


“To enable the best to access the best” – Simon Meredith, Headmaster

BISP offers scholarships to exceptional students in the areas of academics (at IBDP level), football, tennis, golf, swimming, aerial arts and visual arts.

The purpose of the scholarship programme is to maintain and enhance the strong academic, sporting and cultural environment of BISP by attracting outstanding students to the school.

Scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are now closed.


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General Expectations

Scholarship students are expected to:

  • participate fully in all aspects of the life of the school and be role models for other students.
  • maintain a good academic record.
  • have a good record of attendance, in particular, they are expected to be present at the start and end of every term.
  • display exemplary conduct.
  • maintain and honour all their commitments.


All scholarship students and their parents should read their individual scholarship conditions and ensure they are familiar with the details. In general:

  1. Scholarships will be withdrawn if students do not meet the general expectations above.
  2. Sporting Scholarships may be withdrawn if a student does not maintain their sporting commitments or if they fail to achieve standards set by Academy Directors.
  3. The decision to award scholarships is made by a scholarship committee drawn from the academic staff of the school.
  4.  The school’s decisions are final and non-negotiable.
  5. All matters relating to scholarships will remain totally confidential at all times between the school and individual recipients. Any discussion of information or benefits to a third party may result in the scholarship being cancelled.
  6. Poor conduct or the need for disciplinary action may lead to the withdrawal of a scholarship.
  7. Early leave for holidays or late arrivals back after holidays are not permitted and if this is taken scholarships may be withdrawn.
  8. Boarding scholarships are not available to students if their parents are residing or working in Phuket.
  9. Scholarships are reviewed yearly.
  10. Sibling discounts are not available if a student is on a scholarship.

Family Responsibilities

  • The correct visa must be obtained and the school will assist students in maintaining this visa. [Non-Immigrant Ed visa must be obtained before coming to BISP. Support documents will be provided by the school prior to visiting a Thai embassy].
  • All students in Boarding must obtain Medical insurance prior to arrival or should request insurance from the Admissions staff.
  • Any costs or fees not explicitly included in the scholarship offer, are to be paid promptly by the family.

Sibling Discounts and Scholarships

A family cannot receive both a scholarship award and a sibling discount in the same year.

  • If a family is in receipt of sibling discounts and a student from that family receives the offer of a partial scholarship the family must decide which offer to take for the duration of the scholarship.
  •  If the family chooses to keep the sibling discounts, the offer of a scholarship will be acknowledged in writing to the family and a record placed on the student file, but there will be no further fee discount made to the family.
  • If the scholarship is accepted but is of limited duration, the sibling discount will be fully restored upon termination of the award.
  • Under no circumstances will sibling discounts be back-dated.

In the event of the above situation arising, it is the wishes of the family that will be the determining factor.