Mission, Vision, Values

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Inspire Learning; Nurture Wellbeing; Ignite Passion

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Maximise student potential by delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning to an international community emphasising wellbeing and passion, on a green, well equipped campus


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Be mindful, considerate and inclusive

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Be caring, empathetic and reflective

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Be honest, principled and accountable

Our Approach: Triple Helix

The educational philosophy of the British International School, Phuket is uniquely founded upon the model of a Triple Helix, where each of the three strands (Learning, Wellbeing and Passion) is identified as being interdependent and essential components of a balanced and productive life.

BISP triple helix

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Learning at BISP is ‘holistic’, in that it cultivates the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive dimensions of the developing child.

While schools organise learning in ‘academic’ and ‘enrichment’ programmes, we do not limit learning to within the walls of any particular classroom or within the boundaries of any particular ‘subject’. We understand that learning happens everywhere at any time. Our model for holistic learning aims to develop the whole child, and to instill a lifelong love of learning through active engagement.


Holistic education at BISP places ‘wellbeing’ at the heart of our learning community. Our students find identity, meaning and purpose, that lead to personal growth and fulfilment.

In the Primary Section, the two driving concepts of ‘respect’ and ‘kindness’ are used as a basis for all relationships and interactions. In the Secondary Section the school directs attention to ‘wellbeing’ through the concepts of ‘Engage’, ‘Relate’ and ‘Shine’. A well defined and delivered framework founded upon these ‘pillars’ are the basis for academic staff and student participation throughout the school.


‘Passion’ is defined in terms of an individual’s capacity to embrace life itself, even though this might manifest itself in a singular pursuit. It is what drives people; motivates; and gives purpose. At BISP we encourage students to follow their passions with energy and enthusiasm, and to value the process of their experience as much as the outcome of their effort and achievement.