Employment at BISP

British International School, Phuket is a leading international day and boarding school in Thailand offering quality education for children aged 2 years to 18 years from all over the world.

BISP does not discriminate with regard to race, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, or disability(dependent upon precise physical requirements).

Education in paradise! We aim to deliver the highest standards of teaching and learning to an international community emphasizing wellbeing and passion on a modern and well-equipped campus.

The staff turnover each year is low (typically around 10%) and the average length of stay exceeds seven years. This is not because of the beaches and sunshine, although, to be perfectly honest, this does no harm to our recruitment. Many teachers have children at the school. The balance of male to female teachers is almost exactly even throughout the school, including Early Years, and although there is a very healthy age spread from the aged to those who are in their first few years of teaching, it is an exceptionally experienced staff overall. The school has outstanding facilities, and places a great emphasis upon a healthy lifestyle and caring for others. It is a unique place on a tropical island, and we are looking for teachers who will contribute positively, and enhance our culture. Overall we emphasize an education based on learning, wellbeing and passion.

Inspire learning; nurture wellbeing; ignite passion.

Simon Meredith – Headmaster

Applicants must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and Post-Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCE), or Education degree. Knowledge of the UK National Curriculum, IGCSE and IBDP will be advantageous.

The health of a school is wholly dependent upon the quality, and wellbeing, of its academic staff.  The school, therefore, seeks teachers who are ambitious for their students, worthy of trust and can be relied upon as colleagues. In turn, the school management must demonstrate these same attributes in its relationship with the teachers. This is what makes BISP a caring school, and it is this emphasis upon quality, trust and mutual support that underpins and determines our recruitment objectives.

Please visit the link for further information and applications:

Current Academic Vacancies & Further Information

Early applications are encouraged as appointments may be made before the closing date.

Information for Instrumental Teachers

BISP has an extensive instrumental programme with group instrumental lessons as part of the curriculum. In addition, students are offered the opportunity to learn to read music and enjoy playing in a 1 to 1 environment. As students become more advanced they are prepared for the Rock School and ABRSM examinations. All instrumental teachers must be able to conduct lessons in English.




Every year British International School Phuket offers a number of internships. Interns are normally graduates or have completed the first two years of a degree and wish to gain experience before returning to complete their degree.

Interns are generally expected to commit to the school for a full academic year (August – June) and in addition to work related to their speciality are expected to reside on campus and contribute to the life of the school notably by undertaking duties in the boarding section of the school.


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Coaching Positions

Information for Coaching Positions:

BISP has a number of high-performance sports academies and we welcome applications from suitably qualified applicants.

Applying for Coaching Positions

Please send a short letter of application, Curriculum Vitae, recent photograph and e-mail/fax and telephone contacts of referees to:

British International School, Phuket
59 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road,
Koh Kaew, Muang
Phuket 83000

Tel. 076 33555 # 2113

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Learn to Swim Teacher (1 position)

The following major duties and responsibilities will be required of the Learn to Swim Teacher:

      • Implement the swimming program in accordance with the philosophy of the BISP Learn to Swim Programme.
      • Provide fun, informative and high quality lessons to students.
      • Administration in areas such as swimmer reports, awards and certification, weekly lesson plans, assisting the Learn to Swim Coordinator and/or Aquatics Director with meet organization/entries, group organisation etc.
      • Flexibility when required to cover for staff sickness/absence.
      • Punctuality in the role, and the attendance of weekly meetings, professional development days, swim meets, school sports days and other events when required.

    LTS Swim Teacher job description

Golf Coach (1 position)

Job Role:
To deliver a professional, quality and fun golf coaching programme to children and adults of all abilities according to BISP Golf Academy standards and procedures.
Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

    • Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times
    • Maintain an excellent standard of service
    • Support the Golf programme which caters for all children of all abilities, incorporating group coaching, free play, trips to the golf course and private lessons
    • Assist in the preparation, organization and delivery of all Golf tournaments
    • Promote the golf programme and actively aim to improve all players
    • Ensure Health and safety are to the highest standard both on and off the course
    • Take personal responsibility for the maintenance, repair and security of BISP equipment and the satisfactory appearance of BISP sites to ensure the meeting of player expectations
    • Helping other coaches with equipment organization and storage equipment tidy
    • Work as part of a team to set up, pack up, and proactively provide assistance to all players using the golf equipment each day
    • To practically help with the set up of the centre at the start of the session and the pack down of the centre at the end of the session
    • Help organize and host social events, and generally interact with players at all times
    • Be flexible in your job role and willing to assist in all other duties, within reason, as requested by your manager and Athletics Director according to the training you have been given.
    • Helping other coaches with cover/ make up sessions as requested by Golf Director and Athletics Director
    • Helping Golf Director with curriculum design/session plans for the group category that has been assigned.

Personal Specification Qualifications and Experience required:

    • Coach qualification (PGA, TPI or other)
    • First Aid certificate valid for the duration of the contract
    • Must speak English at all times
    • Experience of coaching both adults and children of varying ability
    • Experience of organizing Golf Events/Tournaments
    • Previous customer service experience.
    • Good level of playing ability

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required:

    • Ability to deliver fun, engaging, safe and informative Golf sessions
    • Knowledge of Junior academies and age specific training
    • Knowledge of Club Fitting
    • Knowledge of Modern Launch Monitor technology
    • Ability to effectively communicate with players of all ages, management, and other staff
    • Ability to work well within a team and maintain effective working relationships
    • Able to work on own initiative and follow verbal and written instructions.


      • Clean and tidy appearance
      • Personal Qualities: Approachable, welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic.
      • Self-motivated, Flexible and Punctual.

    JD Golf coach - Update 2022

Non-academic Positions

Applying for Non-Academic positions

Please send a short letter of application, Curriculum Vitae, recent photograph and e-mail/fax and telephone contacts of referees to:

British International School, Phuket
59 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road,
Koh Kaew, Muang
Phuket 83000

Tel. 076 33555 # 2113

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Head Nurse (1 position)

    • Scope of Responsibility.

1. Management school health centre to provide health care according to school policy or assigned by superior.
2. Medications.
2.1 Prescription medicine which is provided by parents (with no contraindication of the student’s health).
2.2 Primary medical care.
3. Medical Treatments
3.1 First aid.
3.2 Continuing treatment accordingly to prescription
3.3 Health education.
4. Reports
4.1 Nurse permission slip to class teacher.
4.2 Infirmary report to boarding parent or parent.
4.3 Referral report to boarding parent in case of seeing doctor( in house or hospital).
4.4 Daily report to Head of School ( Primary or Secondary ) and House parent.
4.5 Monthly report to Head Master( HM) or Deputy Head Master (DHM) and School manager.
4.6 Yearly report Head Master( HM) or Deputy Head Master (DHM) and School manager.
5. In school doctor service.
6. Annually Health Check for Students.
7. First aid and Basic CPR training for Teachers and Teacher Assistants.
8. Medical supports for school activities.

    • Qualifications.

1. Thai Nationality
2. Bachelor degree of Nursing or higher.
3. More 5 years experience in Nursing with management skills
4. Up to date nursing license.
5. Good English Skills.
6. Good Computer Skills.
7. Service mind and team player.

    • Special qualifications.

1. Multi-tasking.
2. Abroad nursing experience.
3. Other language skills rather than Thai and English.
4. Management and training skills.
5. Good social skills.
JD Head Nurse eng updates Nov 2022

School Nurse (1 position)

  • Qualifications;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  • > 2 years experience in Nursing
  • Current Nursing license
  • Computer literate
  • Good in speaking and writing English
  • Good interpersonal and service minded.
  • Multi-tasking personality
  • A good team player

นักการ 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • มีความขยัน อดทน ร่างกายแข็งแรง
  • ชอบในงานบริการ
  • หากขับรถยนต์ได้จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ

กุ๊กครัวไทย 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • วุฒิการศึกษาตั้งแต่ชั้น ม.3 ( หากจบคหกรรมจะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ )
  • มีความซื่อสัตย์ ขยัน อดทน

หัวหน้าสจ๊วต (Chief Steward) 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • วุฒิการศึกษา ม.3 ขึ้นไป
  • ผ่านการเกณฑ์ทหารแล้ว
  • มีประสบการณ์ในตำแหน่ง Chief Steward หรือ Steward supervisor 1ปีขึ้นไป จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ

พนักงานสจ๊วต 2 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • ผ่านการเกณฑ์ทหารแล้ว
  • ไม่กำหนดวุฒิการศึกษา
  • มีประสบการณ์ จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ

พนักงานส่งอาหาร 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • วุฒิการศึกษามัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 3 ขึ้นไป
  • ผ่านการเกณฑ์ทหารแล้ว
  • มีระเบียบวินัยดี ร่างกายแข็งแรง มีความอดทน
  • ช่างสังเกต มีไหวพริบ และปฏิภาณดี
  • มีความซื่อสัตย์
  • ใบขับขี่รถยนต์ส่วนบุคคล

พนักงานแม่บ้าน 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • วุฒิการศึกษา ม.3 ขึ้นไป
  • มีประสบการณ์งานแม่บ้าน จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ

เจ้าหน้าที่ตรวจรับสินค้า/อาหารแห้ง(ผู้พิการ) 1 อัตรา

  • คุณสมบัติ
  • ไม่กำหนดวุฒิการศึกษา
  • มีระเบียบวินัยดี ร่างกายแข็งแรง มีความอดทน
  • ช่างสังเกต มีไหวพริบ และปฏิภาณดี
  • มีความซื่อสัตย์
  • สามารถอ่านออกเขียนได้

Benefits for all positions

  • Group Life & Health Insurance
  • Family member’s medical expense
  • Provident Fund
  • Public Holiday and Vacation
  • Duty Meals on working days
  • Training and Career Opportunities
  • Staff Activities, Staff Party