IB Diploma Programme


The mission of the British International School, Phuket is perfectly aligned with the values of the IB, making BISP an ideal place for students to undertake their IB studies. Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by IB-specific trained educators, which enables students to become adaptable, confident lifelong learners. Being part of our diverse, multicultural community, prepares students to appreciate the global opportunities of today’s higher education landscape and workforce, and each year BISP students progress to the world’s best Universities and professional pathways.

IB guidebook 2022-24

The alignment of school mission and IB values

The BISP mission, to: inspire learning, nurture wellbeing, ignite passion, perfectly synergises with the values of the IB Learner Profile: creating knowledgeable, open-minded, balanced learners. BISP IB students are immersed in a concentrated language of learning, wellbeing and positivity. When following a curriculum so rich in ideals, our students find that this alignment of goals and values is essential. Our students go out in the world with the aim of making positive changes. They are knowledgeable, curious, problem solvers, with empathy.

Qualified specialist IB educators

British International School, Phuket is an IB accredited world school. To achieve this accreditation, all teachers who deliver the IB program are trained through CPD sessions with the IB. In addition to the skills this training instills, our teachers benefit from being part of the wider network of qualified IB educators, sharing best practice and developing insights.

A broad and balanced curriculum both rigorous and challenging

In consultation with Universities and employers around the world, we find that the IB program best prepares students for post school enterprises – both higher studies and the world of work. The IB is founded on active learning, fuelled by creativity and curiosity. Our students graduate with the capacity and character to take action, to solve the challenges of an ever changing world.

World Academy Affiliation

BISP’s World Academy of Sport affiliation is due to the school’s status of supporting high level academics alongside high performance sport. This affiliation enables high performance athletes to study for the IB Diploma over three years, rather than the usual two. For some students, this makes IB studies more manageable, enabling these students to benefit to a greater degree from the program. These students may also find they can attain a greater balance of first class teaching and expert teaching through a longer term program.

An international community which welcomes diversity

BISP’s international IB community is the site of an eclectic mix of ideas, beliefs and personalities. Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of engaging with people outside of one’s culture, orientation and gender. In such positive interactions, problems are solved in a more robust way, different perspectives are offered and collaboration leads to an overall impact far greater than is achievable through an individual approach. Our students work through the challenges and vulnerability of stepping out of the unfamiliar, to find their voice, and their confidence, and to be part of a greater whole. When our students graduate, our students are confident and unafraid to speak out. They become leaders for tomorrow.

Best fit post-school pathways

Our graduating students consistently go on to study at the world’s best Universities and to pursue high level professional pathways. Our University and career counselling team is committed to delivering tailored solutions to each individual student. The counselling team’s extensive international experience enables them to support our students in identifying the ideal pathway, and to provide guidance on overcoming any processes and challenges along the way. An example of the positive effects of this work is the number of female students going on to study STEM subjects at University upon graduating BISP. Our students have gone on to study at Oxbridge, the Russell Group, the Ivy League, top Universities in Asia, and the world’s finest sports universities on scholarships.

University Guidance


"The IB prepares students to be adaptable, confident and organised. In an ever-changing world, these are things that will put them in good stead. The range of subjects to study, the range of new skills they develop in themselves - learning to work in groups, how to present ideas to others, to be aware of their place in society - these are the skills that will enable our students to navigate a world undergoing political, economic and environmental flux."

Jason Perkins

IBDP Coordinator

"IB is a holistic programme that allows you to explore your interests and question the world on a deeper level. The course will help you develop skills such as critical thinking, time management and organisation that will be incredibly useful in the future. Although the programme is rigorous and challenging, the feeling of accomplishing the tasks is immensely rewarding."


IBDP Student

"IBDP is a fun challenge. Not only does it provide a foundation of knowledge as a preparation for university, it also has given me many skills beyond the IB curriculum, especially time management skills which are highly useful and adaptable to other aspects of my life."


IBDP Student

Community: Action: Service and Theory of Knowledge

Each IB Diploma student plans, implements and assesses a CAS project and a reflective TOK essay, both of which contribute to the student’s final IB grade. The benefits of these projects are tied to the values of the IB and reflected in the mission of the school. The CAS project encourages empathy and compassion and prepares students to be problem solvers. The TOK essay ignites curiosity, discussion and open-mindedness. Students learn essential skills throughout the IB program to aid in these projects: debating skills, altering one’s perspective, listening, project management and creative and critical thinking – all essential skills for life.