Physical Health

Throughout the school, PE is taught by specialist teachers who are supported in appropriate lessons by our team of professional coaches. Further to this, the school offers an after school activity and academy programme, that encourages all students to actively participate in sports, with options for beginners as well as high performance athletes.

Annual Medical Checks and on-site infirmary

The school is served by two on-site infirmaries and every child receives an annual basic medical check. Periodically the school will hold health clinics for such things as flu vaccinations, eye testing or dental check-ups.

Healthy Diet

The school refectory provides both Asian and Western-style meals, which includes an extensive salad and fruit bar. All students are encouraged to make healthy choices.

Drug Testing

All staff members, including teachers and administrators, and all secondary students are given annual random drug tests. This is in keeping with Thailand’s commitment to creating drug-free schools under the terminology “White School”. For all occasions, BISP strictly follows Thai law and is an alcohol-free and non-smoking campus.