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At BISP, we understand that success is not solely about earning top grades; it’s about developing a holistic approach to life and striving to become a lifelong learner. As part of Upper School’s recent Wellbeing Day, focusing on the theme of ‘Cognitive Wellbeing’,  we extended the privilege of hosting Mr. Alan Yip, a renowned Master Trainer and Elite Performance Coach, not only to our Year 11 students but also Year 10 students, recognising the importance of preparing our students early for the demands of IGCSE and beyond.

Mr. Yip, a two-time record holder in Memory Power and a former coach of the Singapore memory team, brought a unique perspective to his sessions. He not only shared subject-specific tactics but also emphasised the importance of creating marginal gains, developing positive mental habits and acquiring study techniques that go beyond just passing exams.

Quotes from students:

I was given a wake-up call from the masterclass. It really made me want to be a better person and to get serious with my life. Anshika – Year 10


We had a wonderful opportunity to listen to Mr Yip. He outlined what we should be doing for IGCSE and seriously motivated us. He went through various ways for us to ensure optimum preparation to achieve the best results possible in our exams during the next two years. Daisy – Year 10


Mustering strong levels of motivation to study can be a challenge so when Mr Yip came in to talk I was immediately intrigued. His presentation was very informative and it’s clear that he understands his students. He gave us some tips and advice that I will definitely be using in the future. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity and it’s clear that he knows exactly what he’s talking about and everything he said made sense. He is a very intelligent person and it was refreshing to be taught how to study instead of just what to study. Emma – Year 10

What sets Mr. Alan Yip’s elite performance coaching apart is the holistic focus taken: as students’ self-confidence is nurtured, their self-discipline is developed, and they are encouraged to push their frontiers to achieve their goals. He views himself as a mentor rather than a tutor, coaching students in a myriad of subjects, including Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, English, World Literature and Global Perspectives. This approach empowers students to integrate various disciplines of knowledge and application, creating well-rounded individuals poised for success. 

Mr. Yip is also able to provide guidance in strategically preparing for university applications. This includes assisting students in writing powerful personal statements and acing admission interviews, setting them on the path to a successful higher education journey.

It is clear that the strategies and tactics that Mr. Alan Yip shared with our Year 10 and Year 11 students have already left a profound impact. If you are interested in helping your child further develop the mindset, discipline, and strategies necessary for success, you can contact Mr. Alan Yip at [email protected]