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Each year our Senior Students apply for a range of leadership responsibilities. This week we would like to congratulate our newly appointed House Captains. The House Captains will work collaboratively with each other and Senior Student Leaders to foster a positive and lively school spirit. At BISP we have four student houses; Red Tiger House, Green Cobra House, Blue Sharks House and Yellow Leopard House the leaders for each of these for the upcoming year are:

Red Tiger House
John Paul (JP) and Aneeta

Green Cobra House
Kanta and Theprit

Blue Sharks House
Ekaterina (Kate) and Thea

Yellow Leopard House
Kantapong (Army) and Saniiat (Sanya)

House Captains will work to develop and enhance the following:

  • Manage a team of house volunteers.
  • Further enhance House spirit at BISP
  • Develop vertical connections between members of each House.
  • Maintain the impact and momentum of House competitions across the school and link with the Primary School
  • Further broaden House competitions into the academic programme.
  • Maintain the high profile of the House Mascots, points competition, and the regular celebration of points totals.
  • Be an ambassador for their House and represent their House in public.

Congratulations to all the students who have been appointed and we wish them all the best, and a lot of fun in the year ahead. Go TEAM!