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IMG 2805The BISP Cruzeiro U14 Girls recently took part in the Bangkok Soccer League (BSL) Tournament, a dynamic competition that featured 10 teams from diverse locations such as Bangkok, Taipei, and Singapore. The tournament brought together football academies and international schools, creating a challenging environment that contributed to the growth and development of the BISP Cruzeiro U14 Girls squad.

In the initial phase, the tournament organised teams into two groups of five for a group stage. Matches in this stage lasted 18 minutes each, played without breaks. The first round served as a warm-up, with teams facing opponents from different groups.

As the tournament progressed to the second round, matches became crucial for the competition, totalling four in the group stage. The top two teams from each group advanced directly to the next phase, while the third and fourth-placed teams entered playoffs. Winners of the playoffs moved on to the semi-finals of the Cup, those who lost went to the Shield, and the last-placed teams proceeded to the Plate.

The journey for the BISP Cruzeiro U14 Girls team included an initial setback in the group stage, facing a strong Bangkok Sports team and losing 4-1. Undeterred, they bounced back in the next game, securing a decisive 7-1 victory against Lions FC. The third match ended in a hard-fought 0-0 draw against a Taipei team, and in the crucial match for second place, despite having better chances, the team narrowly lost 1-0 to JSSL.

Advancing to the playoff phase, the team exhibited resilience with a commanding 6-0 victory over Lions FC, earning an opportunity to reach the Cup semi-finals by facing Bangkok Sports. Despite a spirited effort, they faced another setback with a 3-0 loss, leading them to compete for the Shield. Approaching the Shield matches with determination, they secured a 3-1 victory against JSSL in the semi-final and a 2-1 triumph against Bangkok Prep in the final.

Finishing fifth overall, the BISP Cruzeiro U14 Girls team achieved a noteworthy milestone. This experience provided valuable maturity and exposure to higher-level competition, particularly benefiting athletes participating in such a tournament for the first time. The mix of academies and international schools in the tournament created a rich learning environment for the team’s overall development. Congratulations to the team for navigating a challenging competition, gaining valuable experience, and showcasing their determination on the field. The future looks promising for these young student-athletes as they continue to hone their skills and face new horizons in their football journey.