Student Representatives represent their Year Group from Year 7 to Year 11 and are their voice when expressing any feedback or opinion regarding school matters on behalf of their year group. Students Reps are also asked to occasionally represent the school as ambassadors for their Year Group at events and functions. Staff will sometimes seek feedback from Student Reps before key decisions are made at school ie. they will act as a ‘sounding board’.

Through leadership experience, students fine-tune their interpersonal skills and build confidence and resilience when putting a personal vision into practice. Undeniably leadership experience in young people fosters personal growth and builds capacity and potential in both oneself and in others. This year the student representatives and their respective responsibilities are listed below. 

Congratulations to the students for this notable achievement on being appointed and we trust that you will continue to have a positive contribution to the school community and your year group. 

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Upper School Reps

Yr 11 – Pornhathai (Jennie) and Liam

Yr 10 – Inthikan (Tantan), Miyuka and Ember

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Middle School Reps

Yr 9 – Seojin (Jean) and Garri

Yr 8 – Joseph, Mammoth and Egor 

Yr 7 – Chloe and Andrey

The BISP Student Representatives will:

  • Demonstrate leadership skills in proactively seeking feedback from their peers, and lead Year Group ‘huddles’ (meetings or assemblies)
  • Be responsive, organised and objective when receiving information from the Student Leadership Team to share during the ‘huddle’.
  • Be fully engaged with their Year Group and role model the core BISP values.
  • Meet with the Head Students during the ‘Open Mic’ sessions (meetings) and share the Year Group’s feedback and opinion on school matters.