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IMG 7746In the most recent Bangkok International Young Musician (BIYM) competition, BISP was proud to have Year 2 Student Atip and Year 3 Student Pinyapa as participants. These two young yet talented students competed in the Piano Classical Class category in the Pre-Junior and Children Class A respectively. The BIYM competition looks for talented young musicians who have excellent musical skills, a strong personality, and fantastic creativity in their performances. 

Supported by BISP Piano teacher Khun Beaver, our two young BISP students worked hard to prepare for the competition and showcase their musical talents, and it paid off. Atip achieved No.10 / BIYMC 005 Third place prize while Pinyapa achieved No.31 / BIYMC 039 Third place prize. 

We are extremely proud of both of them and their hard work. We hope that this achievement will inspire them and their peers to reach their full potential. We look forward to their continued success.

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