Over the past two weeks, 188 British International School, Phuket students have taken part in voice examinations, which are a compulsory part of our curriculum for Key Stage 3 students. 

Students in Years 9, 10 and 12 sat official LAMDA (London Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts) voice examinations, which will be graded online by an official LAMDA examiner in the UK.

Our Year 2 drama students, and students in Years 7 and 8, participated in LAMDA-style voice examinations assessed by Phuket-based international presenter, speaker and communications coach, Ms Able Wanamakok. 

Ms Wanamakok, who was born in Hong Kong and raised in the U.S, said she was very proud of the students for their efforts in their exams. 

“What I feel is most important for any student is how much effort they put into something. You don’t have to be perfect or get straight As, but if you try, I think that is already good enough. 

I have seen so many students at BISP that are very ambitious, and have goals and dreams even at a young age and they are very, very competent. So I’m very proud of a lot of the students here.

Able Wanamakok, Phuket-based Communications Coach

BISP Drama teacher, Emily Norman, commented, “I am so proud of every student who has taken a voice examination; the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout this process has been fantastic. 

Public speaking skills are such important skills to acquire, no matter what career paths our students undertake, so exams like LAMDA really do help our students develop key life skills.

BISP Drama teacher, Emily Norman

In recent years, BISP students have won national speech competitions and also represented Thailand in the British Council Sponsored English Speaking Union event in London.

Well done to all our students for completing their voice examinations.

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