Boarding at BISP is a safe, caring community which provides opportunities for study, personal development, adventure and enjoyment as well as the development of friendships for life.

The Head of Boarding is responsible for overseeing the provision of boarding in BISP.  She works closely in partnership with experienced House Parents, a team of matrons and graduate intern staff.

Each Boarding House is staffed by two House Parents, who live in the House with their families.  The House Parents are responsible for the day to day care of the students in Boarding.

Our aim is to foster a lively, caring community, where the students value the sense of belonging to a wider family. Boarders learn how to live, to work, to take responsibility and to socialise in a community environment.  They learn to share experiences with students of their own age from a diversity of nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

The British International School caters for both day and boarding students.  Our boarders come from all over the world and are accommodated in one quad of four purpose built boarding houses.  These boarding houses are continually upgraded in order to meet the evolving needs of the students.

We have divided junior boarding and senior boarding, as it helps us to ensure the facilities and activities programmes are tailored to the relevant age groups.

Junior Boarding House

Rawai is our mixed junior boarding house, comprising students from Year 3 through to Year 8.  There is a girls’ floor and boys’ floor in this house, with communal bathroom facilities on each floor. The students tend to share bedrooms, although some do enjoy the privilege of their own room, providing there is the space.  These students spend more time engaging in social and sporting activities once they have completed their homework.

Senior Boarding Houses

The senior boarding houses for students from Year 9 through to Year 13 are single sex and are designed to create more personal space and a more studious atmosphere.  Students in Karon (girls), Kalim (Yr 11-13 boys) and Naiharn (Yr 9/10 boys have their own rooms (unless they choose to share) and study facilities.

Why Board?

As parents living overseas or in other provinces,  or as parents facing demanding work commitments, you can be sure that your child is well cared for by qualified staff in a supportive, sharing community. Boarding students are able to take advantage of the following benefits whilst living on site during term time:

  • proximity of boarding houses to school;
  • outstanding facilities on the campus (50m and 25m outdoor swimming pools, indoor sports hall, air-conditioned gymnasium, tennis courts, athletics track, eight football pitches, basketball/netball court and trapeze) and nearby golf, diving and snorkeling opportunities;
  • structure and routines which facilitate a healthy work-life balance;
  • development of leadership skills by assuming House duties;
  • adventurous and fun weekend activities programs throughout Phuket;
  • development of life-long friendships throughout school and beyond;
  • living in a residential setting, students are entrusted with personal and community responsibility. By assuming this responsibility and holding themselves accountable for their choices, students learn the value of contributing to a caring, tolerant, accepting community.

Flexible Boarding Options

Our boarding is flexible so you can choose the type of boarding which meets your family’s needs, however complex:

Full Boarding is available for those who want to take full advantage of the school facilities and qualified staff. Full boarders stay in school for the duration of each half term. This is suitable for:

  • Students whose parents live in other provinces or countries;
  • Students who enjoy the range of weekend activities offered;
  • Students whose parents work long hours during the week and at the weekend;
  • Students who wish to improve their English by immersing themselves in an English speaking community.

Weekly Boarding is where students board from Monday to Friday and return home for weekend. It is suggested for:

  • Students whose parents live a long drive from school;
  • Students whose parents work long hours during the week;
  • Students who need extra support to complete homework;
  • Students who wish to improve their English by immersing themselves in an English speaking community.

Day Boarding is where students have school dinner and then complete prep in the house. The student would be collected by a parent between 7:00 and 9:00pm, depending on their age. It is suitable for:

  • Students whose parents live nearby and have difficulty completing homework on time;
  • Students who get caught up for long periods in the afternoon traffic;
  • Students whose parents finish work late during the week;
  • Students who wish to improve their English by immersing themselves in an English speaking community.

Weekend Boarding is where students return to the boarding houses after school on Friday. They can join in the organized, supervised activities offered over the weekend. They can also use all the school facilities, including the sports hall, swimming pool, gym and tennis courts. It is best for:

  • Students who find it more difficult to fill their time productively during the weekend;
  • Students whose parents work at the weekend and who find it difficult to provide suitable supervision;
  • Students who wish to improve their English by immersing themselves in an English speaking community.

Temporary Boarding is where the students become full or weekly boarders for a short period of time. This is suggested for:

  • Students whose parents must leave Phuket temporarily for work or other reasons;
  • Students whose parents have a temporarily increased workload, and cannot spend time at home in the evenings and weekend;
  • Students who have important coursework due and need evening access to the school network and/or teaching staff;
  • Students who are taking part in school productions or sports competitions, and need to regularly be available;
  • Students who are taking exams and need ready access to the school network and/or teaching staff and/or study groups.

If you would like your child to do a trial period in boarding or require further information, please contact:

Mrs Clare Donovan
Head of Boarding
Tel: +66 (0) 76 33 5555 ext. 1116
Fax: +66 (0) 76 23 9899


Ms Saowarot Keeratichotikul (Gai)
Executive Assistant to Boarding
(Administrative Assistance in English or Thai)
Tel: +66 (0) 76 33 5555 ext. 1115
Fax: +66 (0) 76 23 9899

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