Students’ Perspective

Here is what some of our current and former students have to say about boarding at BISP:

Priyani Webster

Year 12

“Boarding is amazing because it has a nice atmosphere and you feel as though you are home. It is comfortable and you make the closest friends and meet the nicest people.”

Anna Simanovich

Year 10

“I enjoy the delicious snacks every day, the kind house parents, the fun activities every weekend, the organised daily prep time and of course the boarding community, so you don’t feel lonely.”

Matt Wenneburg

Year 6

“Boarding gives you the opportunity to go to places where you might not go with your parents.”

Laura Kans

Year 3

“Boarding is about sharing with your friends.”

Alexander Dobson

Year 12

“Everytime you walk into boarding, it feels just like home! There’s no lack of entertainment; table tennis, instruments, sign outs. It is not as strict as people would think; we have our freedom and curfews. Food!!! Boarding makes going to school very convenient, compared to parents having to drive in the mornings …”

Emerson Liang

Year 12

“Boarding gives students an invaluable experience of the balance between serious academics and fun at the appropriate times; which is what we as students strive for. Its atmosphere enables us to thrive as students and develop relationships with friends you can count on over the course of your stay and beyond ….”

Vassana Padjan

Year 8

“I love the evening activities, playing with all my friends when we have finished our homework.”

Len Takagi

Year 7

“I really like having friends helping each other with homework. Boarding is also about discovering life on your own, and starting to be independent.”

Laura Thomas

Year 7

“Everything about boarding is amazing, especially the birthday cakes!!”