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The British International School, Phuket (BISP) recently held its annual Sports Awards, an evening dedicated to celebrating the exceptional achievements of its student-athletes. The event, held in the school’s auditorium, was witness to the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship that characterise the BISP community.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome from the Head of School,  Mr. Simon Meredith who praised the students for their outstanding performances across various sports. “This year, we’ve witnessed remarkable performances across various sports. Our students have excelled not only in local competitions but have also represented BISP with pride on national and international stages,” he said, setting the tone for an evening filled with accolades and heartfelt moments.

The Sports Awards ceremony at BISP is not just about recognising victories and trophies. It’s about acknowledging the journey of each athlete, their perseverance, and the lessons learned along the way. Mr. Meredith emphasised this sentiment, stating, “Sports at BISP are more than just competitions. They are about teamwork, leadership, resilience, and sportsmanship.”

Highlighting Achievements and Sportsmanship

Throughout the evening, various awards were presented to students who had excelled in different sports. Categories included Most Valuable Player, Best Team Player, and Most Improved Athlete, among others. Each award recipient was met with enthusiastic applause from their peers, teachers, and parents, highlighting the supportive and close-knit community at BISP.

One of the most anticipated parts of the evening was the recognition of the school’s sports academies. BISP boasts a range of specialised sports academies, including football, tennis, swimming, aerial arts and golf. These academies provide students with the opportunity to train at an elite level while balancing their academic commitments. The academies are led by experienced coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, helping students to reach their full potential.

BISP Sports Academies: Nurturing Future Champions

The BISP sports academies have garnered a reputation for producing top-tier athletes. BISP academies have seen students represent their countries in international competitions and have nurtured athletes who continue to excel in their sport and have competed in prestigious tournaments around the world.

The BISP Director of Sports, Mr. Adam Chapman, took a moment to reflect on the achievements of the sports academies. “Our sports academies are a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering excellence. The dedication of our coaches and the hard work of our students have resulted in numerous successes, both on and off the field,” he remarked.

Inspirational Messages and Future Aspirations

The ceremony also featured inspirational messages from the coaches and staff, who emphasised the importance of perseverance and resilience. One coach shared, “To our student-athletes, remember that every training session, every match, and every setback is a step towards your growth. Your journey in sports teaches you invaluable life lessons that extend beyond the field or court.”

As the evening drew to a close, Mr. Meredith congratulated all the award recipients and nominees, encouraging them to continue striving for excellence. “Congratulations to all our award recipients and nominees. Your achievements inspire us all. Let’s continue to support each other and strive for excellence in everything we do,” he concluded.

The 2024 BISP Secondary Sports Awards was not just a celebration of athletic achievements, but also a reaffirmation of the values that BISP holds dear: teamwork, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As the school community looks forward to another year of sporting success, the evening served as a reminder of the incredible talent and spirit that thrives at BISP. Congratulations to all of our award recipients and all our dedicated and talented BISP student-athletes. 

Award NameRecipient
Under 11 BISP Sportsmanship Award 2023/24Ivan
Under 11 BISP Sportsmanship Award 2023/24Taisiia 
BISP Sportsmanship of the year 2023/24Siera
BISP Sportsmanship of the year 2023/24Lucy 
BISP Sportsmanship of the year 2023/24Yamato 
BISP Tennis Academy Award 2023/24Tarita (Ig)
BISP Tennis Academy Award 2023/24Phopthum (Pao)
BISP Swimming Academy Award 2023/24 (girls)Soumaya
BISP Swimming Academy Award 2023/24 (boys)Zac 
BISP U15 Basketball Award 2023/24Lash
BISP Senior Basketball Award 2023/24Jean 
BISP Golf Academy Award 2023/24Namo 
BISP Golf Academy Award 2023/24Louise 
BISP Golf Development AwardWenyi (Charlotte)
MACA Aerial Arts Academy Outstanding Award 2023/24Zara 
MACA Aerial Arts Academy Dedicated Award 2023/24Laura 
BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Award 2023/24Maria 
BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Award 2023/24Gabriel 
BISP Football Development AwardJakrii 
Under 11 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Jade 
Under 11 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Edward 
Under 13 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Jinnipa (Jinny)
Under 13 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Dharma (Pine)
Under 15 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Tarita (Ig)
Under 15 BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Enkhmend 
Senior BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24

& Outstanding achievement award

Senior BISP Athlete of the Year 2023/24Finlay