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BISP Secondary recently enjoyed the second Wellbeing Day of the academic year and as part of this, upper school students participated in a stimulating team-building task, “The Balloon Tower Challenge.”

The challenge was seemingly simple but required creative thinking and strategic prowess. Students were given the task of constructing the tallest free-standing tower consisting of only balloons and sticky tape, with each balloon used having an imaginary cost of 100 Thai Baht, and top points awarded for towers that cut costs most efficiently. No sellotape could be used to secure towers to external objects or to anchor them in place. The challenge therefore encouraged students to think critically and to act strategically, with points awarded based on a sliding scale in terms of maximising both height and cost-effectiveness.

Working closely together in their teams, students collaboratively pooled their design ideas, honed their problem-solving skills, and meticulously constructed balloon towers that best met the two strands of the criteria. The challenge united teams in a spirit of collaboration, strengthening connections and camaraderie, and to add an extra layer of motivation, the ‘dangling carrot’ was the prize of BAKE vouchers for the winning teams in each year group. 

We look forward to more such challenges during future Wellbeing Days that inspire growth, unity, and student engagement at BISP.