Based on the English National Curriculum, BISP offers children aged 5-11 a broad, balanced and high quality international education by providing engaging learning experiences within a global and local context. Our curriculum is carefully constructed to provide the best educational experiences for every child to achieve academically, foster their personal wellbeing and to discover and develop their passions.

Primary education can only be fully developed within a cohesive, supportive community, and through a curriculum of opportunity where curiosity is valued.

Primary classrooms are grouped into pods, each housing two year groups with classrooms grouped around a shared central area. Younger children have direct access to outdoor learning spaces, whilst for older children there is easy access to the Primary Library, Music Rooms and Language classrooms. The Primary school also includes; a hall, playground and enjoys full access to BISP’s extensive sports facilities.

The curriculum places strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, as a foundation for integrated work across the traditional range of subject areas. In addition class teachers place a particular focus on digital literacy and personal wellbeing.

Throughout the school the curriculum is viewed as a continuum. Consequently a number of specialists teach their subject area throughout the school. Modern Foreign Languages (Thai, mandarin, Spanish) PE and Performing Arts are taught by specialists, whilst use is often made of Secondary facilities particularly in the STEM areas.