School Profile

University Visit

Nearly all students graduating from BISP in Year 13 continue their studies at university, with the most popular destinations being the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands and Thailand. In some cases, students will choose to take a gap year, complete military service or focus on their sports before continuing to their education. A full list of universities attended by recent graduates is included in the School Profile.

BISP’s experienced university counsellors begin working with students in Year 9 as they select their IGCSE courses. That relationship builds as they move through the IB and continues even after graduation. In addition to helping students choose an IGCSE and IB programme that best meets their needs, counsellors provide information on standardised testing, extracurricular involvement, athletic recruitment, and how students can maximise their chances of university admission. In conjunction with conversations with university counsellors, extensive use is made of Cialfo, an online platform dedicated to supporting international students with their university applications.