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BISP Primary School students have the option to join the Creative Ukulele after-school activity.  Creative Ukulele is an opportunity for students to have fun building, painting and playing their very own Ukulele. The paid activity provides all materials, Ukulele kit and tools, for the students to make a high-quality Ukulele which they can take home in their own case to enjoy and play for years to come.  

During Term 1, our Primary students have jumped at the opportunity to make this unique and special instrument. Some students have joined the activity for multiple terms to make presents for friends and family.

With its focus on hands-on learning and creative expression, BISP’s Creative Ukulele after-school activity provides a valuable and enriching experience for primary school students, fostering a lifelong love of music and creativity. Be sure to sign up during Term 2. 

You can learn more about the Creative Ukulele programme across schools in Thailand here: