BISP Campus drone 2021 Edited

Term 3 is now complete and the school year is finished. The year has been challenging for everyone and the two short school closures pushed the boundaries at times also. I am grateful to everyone for your support, cooperation and understanding. The staff acknowledge the role parents played during online learning and we are appreciative of all your efforts. 

While there were many uncertainties and unpredictable times this year, I am happy to report that BISP remained a safe and Covid-19-free campus – not an easy outcome to achieve. All staff had a part to play in this and students followed the safe practices implemented. I appreciate parents understanding that restricting adults on campus helped to keep us open and safe. 

For those returning to BISP, we look forward to seeing you again on Monday 23 August 2021. For those leaving BISP, thank you for selecting BISP as a place to educate your children. We wish you well and hope that you will visit us in the future. If we can help with anything in your transition to a new school or country, please contact our Admissions, Primary or Secondary offices. 

Facilities work

In addition to the routine painting and maintenance in classrooms, over the Summer the Music and Practice Rooms in Primary and Secondary will be renovated and our Refectory will begin stage 1 of an upgrade. Little Ducks will receive new outdoor play equipment and the Primary building air conditioning ducts and pipes will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. The top football pitch maintenance will be upgraded by a professional groundskeeping company and the 50m pool will be emptied, cleaned and tiles will be replaced in some areas. The tennis courts will also be resurfaced at some stage during the holidays or early in Term 1. 

Term 1 2021-2022

The new school year commences on Monday 23 August. Return to campus details will be communicated as soon as we know final details. As a rule of thumb from past experience, being in Phuket 14 days before the start of school usually means your child can commence on time.  Arrangements for boarders will be sent by the Head of Boarding.  As always, we plan to make the BISP campus safe and open.

Wishing everyone a refreshing, safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

Simon Meredith