BISP students continue to successfully take on the challenge of public speaking, with this year’s LAMDA results proving just how well our students prepare for these important assessments. 

In this year’s Secondary LAMDA examinations, 105 out of 145 students received Distinctions, with the highest scorer in Year 7 achieving a grade of 100%. Well done to Mammoth for achieving this impeccable score.

All BISP students in Years 7, 8 and 9 sat voice examinations in March. The Year 9 cohort sat the official LAMDA Speaking in Public Grade 4 exam, which was assessed online by a LAMDA examiner in the UK. The exam included two four-minute speeches with an imaginary audience and a conversation about a topic of the examiner’s choice.

Students in Years 7 and 8 sat the Speaking in Public Grade 2 and Speaking in Public Grade 3 exams, which were assessed by local voice examiner and coach, Able Wanamakok.

BISP Drama teacher, Ms Emily Norman, said, “Our annual LAMDA assessments are an example of how we help our students become proficient public speakers. Giving students regular opportunities to express their ideas and construct arguments is very important to help develop their confidence and communication skills.

“All the students did an amazing job under difficult circumstances and I am proud of every one of them. The preparation and level of work that went into these exams were fantastic for every student. It is wonderful to see our students developing into such confident public speakers.”

Congratulations to all our students for completing their voice exams and for achieving fantastic overall results.

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