Academic trips are an integral part of the learning experience at BISP, with students experiencing weekly residential and day trips from Year 3 upwards. These trips enhance team building, community spirit and inspire learning. Find out more about trips at BISP below.

Year Group trips from Year 3 to older

Students as early as Year 3 get the chance to experience residential trips at BISP, beginning with a stay-overnight in BISP boarding and leading to week-long international trips in older year groups. This progressive, cumulative approach enables students to build their confidence in being away from home, and developing responsibility for themselves, as part of their journey towards becoming independent young adults.

A variety of locations

Academic trips include visiting the local Krabi and Khao Lak and non-local Singapore and Northern Thailand. This variety allows for unique experiences and fresh challenges with each consecutive year, providing a highlight of the academic calendar for students to look forward to.

A focus on team building

The student support network is essential for the well-being of each child at BISP. Students entering the final year of the IGCSE or IB can expect to encounter some of the greatest challenges of their academic journey. The community spirit which is built through shared experience and team building activities on trips provides a solid foundation for the challenges faced as part of a group.

Cultural trips and science based field studies

We’re lucky to have nature and culture on our doorstep at BISP. These offerings can be accessed in the space of a short trip within the island of Phuket, and students regularly visit part of the island of natural and cultural interest to enhance their ongoing study, and to put into practice the theory they learn in the classroom.

Examples include:

  • Regular Thai trips to cultural sights around the island such as the Peranakan museum
  • Cultural and scientific field study trips around the island to local national parks or to Phuket town.