Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English

As an authorised exam centre, we offer the students an opportunity to take a Cambridge English exam which is an additional component of our English support programme. They are available for both internal or external candidates These include the Cambridge English Young Learners for Primary Level and Lower Secondary School students as well the Cambridge English Qualifications Digital for all Secondary School students.

Exam Fees

Pre-A1 Starters 2300 THB

A1 Movers 2500 THB

A2 Flyers 2800 THB

A2 Key for Schools 3000 THB

B1 Preliminary for Schools 4000 THB

B2 First for Schools 5000 THB

Exam Schedule

Tuesday 17th September 2024 (A2 Key/B1 Preliminary/B2 First)
Wednesday 4th December 2024 (YLE/A2 Key/B1 Preliminary/B2 First)
Monday 3rd March 2025 (YLE/A2 Key/B1 Preliminary/B2 First)
Thursday 15th May 2025 (YLE/A2 Key/B1 Preliminary/B2 First)

Parents/Guardians can book and pay for the exams usingĀ this form.

For more information and dates, please contact
[email protected]