ELA Programmes

Intensive English Course (IEC)

The IEC aims to rapidly improve students’ English proficiency for better class and social interactions and build self-confidence. It features small groups for personalised learning and employs various teaching methods to make learning engaging. The curriculum is integrated with mainstream subjects, helping students develop core language skills to participate in Art, Maths, DT and Music, as well as other subjects depending on the student’s English proficiency.

Main ELA

The main ELA programme aims to improve English language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It uses activities to improve pronunciation, build vocabulary, develop writing skills, and promote cultural understanding. The curriculum is divided into different levels to cater to a range of proficiency levels, and it includes regular assessments to monitor progress. Its primary goal is to build confidence and proficiency in English, preparing students for academic success and effective communication in various contexts.

Extra English

Extra English is an extension of the main ELA programme. It is designed to enhance students’ English proficiency through focused reading, writing, speaking, and listening modules.


The Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language course is designed to develop essential skills for understanding and communicating effectively in English across a variety of contexts. This course focuses on enhancing learners’ abilities to comprehend written and spoken texts, allowing them to identify and extract relevant information that may be explicitly stated or implied. 

By engaging with this curriculum, learners acquire the linguistic proficiency needed for further academic pursuits or professional environments. They become adept at communicating clearly in both writing and speaking, confidently addressing familiar and unfamiliar topics.

IB English B Higher Level (HL)

The IB English B HL course is designed for students with a good English language command. The course aims to improve students’ proficiency in English by exploring language, various themes, and a variety of texts.

Throughout the course, students will improve their language skills and comprehension, focusing on expanding their vocabulary, refining grammar, and gaining a deeper understanding of the language. These skills will enable students to create, analyse, and evaluate arguments across a wide range of topics related to the course content and different cultures.

Engaging with different themes and texts will not only enhance linguistic abilities but also cultivate a greater appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures. This will enable students to communicate confidently and effectively in a global context.