Today on our blog we would like to introduce you to Natalie and Malaika, our Blue Ospreys Colour Team Captains for the 2021-22 academic year. 

As Colour Team Captains, Natalie and Malaika are in charge of igniting the spirit of the Blue Ospreys and organising student participation in all events. This is a prestigious role and carries a great deal of responsibility and organisation.


NatalieHi, my name is Natalie. I am half Thai, half British and this is my third year at BISP. Throughout my time here, I have been able to experience many outstanding activities and extracurricular activities on our campus alongside others in the community and have discovered many new likes and hobbies. I came to BISP on a triathlon scholarship and have enjoyed being in an environment where I could also play football, volunteer to support underprivileged children, all while performing well academically. I enjoy supporting my friends in their own pursuits as well as staying active and healthy, both physically and mentally.

As the Blue Ospreys Team Captain, I hope that I can bring my enthusiasm, experience and hard work to the BISP community and make a positive impact. A key quality of mine is perseverance. With this trait, I would like to create a united atmosphere where pupils across all years and both campuses can come together and participate in new events, bringing us all closer together. Furthermore, I look forward to working alongside the school’s Senior Leadership Team to create more welcoming events to encourage a competitive spirit and continue to create the best opportunities for the students.


Malaika PrimaroloMy name is Malaika and I am from England. During my 13 years here at BISP, I have discovered my passion for music, which I found through learning the flute, singing and playing the guitar, as well as through theatre and the many productions and plays the school organises each year. I have been a part of the Concert Band, Orchestra and Choir and have been involved in many Drama performances. I have also discovered new talents and interests in certain subjects like English, Music and Drama. 

I believe that the key qualities needed for a Colour Team Captain are communication, enthusiasm and commitment. My aim as Colour Team Captain is to create a more colourful and lively environment within our school community and to connect our younger students with the older students. I want to encourage students to support their fellow teammates and get involved in any Colour Team event or activity available. I also want to help develop the spirit of the Colour Teams by adding more aspects of them around the school campus. I look forward to hearing everyone’s views and opinions on our school Colour Teams.

You can read about all our Student Leaders for the 2021-22 academic year by clicking on the Secondary category on our News page. For more information on British International School, Phuket please contact [email protected].