Today on our blog we would like to introduce you to Kenneth and Vadim, our Green Falcons Colour Team Captains for the 2021-22 academic year. 

As Colour Team Captains, Kenneth and Vadim are in charge of igniting the spirit of the Green Falcons and organising student participation in all events. This is a prestigious role and carries a great deal of responsibility and organisation.


Kenneth 1My name is Kenneth and I am Thai/American. I have been a leading and active peer to my classmates in school for four years now. I enjoy all kinds of sports, mainly basketball, but am open to anything and everything to do with athletics. I also have a large interest in music, beginning my journey this year by learning to play the drums. Academically, I find my success in Business Studies and really enjoy business subjects.

I hope that as your Green Colour Team Captain, I’m able to lead as well as motivate students to get where the Green Team needs to be, but importantly, wherever students need to be personally. I will support students in whatever way I can. My aims as Green Falcons Team Captain are to assist and support members of the Green Team whether in sports or academics and make sure the Green Falcons are the best and most successful team in the school in all areas!

I look forward to working with the rest of the Student Leadership Team for the time I have left in school, hopefully leaving behind a positive footprint for those to follow after us.


VadimMy name is Vadim and I am from Russia. I have been a student at BISP for seven years, where I have developed a lot of my character traits, academic abilities, and interests. When it comes to athletics, I am most interested in fitness and conditioning, however, I am open to all sorts of sporting activities and always try to get the most out of the extracurricular opportunities the school provides. Academically, I find my success and passion is in Business Studies and Mathematics.

During my time as Green Colour Team Captain, I hope to become a positive role model for the younger students by being a kind, helpful and motivating member of the school community. I will also try to use my personal experiences in the school to improve the experiences of others. My aims for the upcoming year as Green Team Captain are to keep diversifying the Colour Team event portfolio into different areas to achieve maximum engagement and satisfaction for all students. I also aim to raise the Green Falcons team spirit during events and in everyday school life by being an active leader. I look forward to cooperating with the rest of the Student Leadership Team to create a more joyful school experience for everyone. 

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