School Fees

Graduation 2018

Tuition Fees (2020-21)

Admissions Officers at British International School, Phuket are happy to discuss fees and payments in detail. Please email [email protected]

Below is a summary of fees for illustrative purposes.

For information regarding fees for Little Ducks Preschool please see the end of this page.

All amounts given are for a full school year and are in Thai Baht. Fees are charged per term with 40% term one and 30% in terms 2 and 3, except for years 11 & 13 when the charges are 50% term 1, 35% term 2 and 15% in term 3.

Annual FeesTuitionWeekly BoardingFull Boarding
Nurseryß406 000--
Receptionß406 000--
Year 1ß616 000--
Year 2 ß616 000--
Year 3ß616 000--
Year 4 ß621 000ß339 000ß405 000
Year 5 ß623 000ß339 000ß405 000
Year 6 ß631 000ß339 000ß405 000
Year 7 ß804 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 8 ß804 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 9 ß808 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 10 ß808 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 11 ß789 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 12 ß808 000ß391 000ß435 000
Year 13 ß789 000ß391 000ß435 000

Included in fees:

Lunch at BISP

Breaktime snacks and buffet lunch

BISP Concert Band

Instruments and group lessons

BISP trip SUP activity

Mandatory educational visits

Additional Charges are made for

  • Transport (Baht 79 000)
  • Intensive English Course, if required (Baht 100 000)
  • High Performance College Athletes Support and Development fees
  • Sports Trips
  • Paid Activities, Individual Music lessons
  • Examination fees for IGCSE and IB examinations

School uniform and sporting equipment are available from the School Shop.

From Year 5 students are expected to have a MacBook, these can be purchased at educational prices from UFicon: or can be purchased elsewhere.

Sibling Discounts
2nd sibling 5%
3rd sibiling 20%
4th sibling 30%

for exceptional academic, sporting & artistic accomplishments


Registration of Interest

Admission Costs

Application Fee: Baht 6000 per application
Placement Fee: Baht 150 000 for one student or Baht 200 000 for a family with more than one student.
Academy Placement Fee: an additional fee may be payable for students who wish to join the sports academies, the Head coaches will assess suitability for the Academy and provide parents with feedback on this assessment.


Bond: Baht 100 000 (Refundable when the student leaves BISP).

This acts as a financial security for the school, and is returned upon withdrawal of a student providing all fees have been cleared.  Providing all fees have been paid in full, the bond may be used to offset the extra examination costs at IB level in Year 13.

Little Ducks Pre School

The Little Ducks (Pre-Nursery) operates two sessions (morning and full day) from Monday to Friday:

  • 08:00 – 12:00: Morning session
  • 08:00 – 14:15: Full day session

Lunch and snacks are included in the fees

Annual FeesMorning onlyFull Day
3 daysß116 200ß174 500
4 daysß146 400ß219 900
5 daysß170 600ß256 000

School Fees 2020-21

Little Ducks Fees 2020-21