Congratulations to International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate and high-performance student-athlete Callum, who has been recruited to play soccer at Notre Dame College, an NCAA Division 2 College in Ohio. There are 214 Division 2 men’s soccer teams in the US. The Notre Dame Falcons are currently ranked 15th in the highly competitive NCAA division.

Callum joined BISP in 2019 and quickly established himself as one of the most consistent players in the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy. He is valued for his high work rate on the pitch, tenaciously defending in midfield until the final whistle. As well as captaining the senior boys’ football team, Callum is a leader in the classroom with a consistent academic record. His strong grades, positive attitude and admirable work ethic were the keys to unlocking scholarship opportunities in the US.

BISP would like to thank Callum for his contribution to our school and wish him all the best for every step of his journey.

Callum Cleary 01

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