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On Monday, November 20th, a sense of excitement and reverence filled the air at BISP as the school officially opened its newly developed covered pitch. This state-of-the-art facility, named the ‘Jeff LaMantia Pitch’ in memory of the late Athletics Director, Jeff LaMantia, marks a significant addition to the campus. The opening ceremony featured heartfelt speeches, a plaque unveiling by the LaMantia family, and a symbolic kickoff by students, including Jeff’s sons.

Jeff LaMantia’s impact on BISP transcends the physical structure of the covered pitch. As the former Athletics Director, Jeff’s dedication and passion for sports left an indelible mark on the BISP community. Despite his battle with cancer, Jeff continued to guide and support sports at BISP, ensuring his legacy endures. The pitch serves as a fitting tribute to his transformative influence, particularly through initiatives like the BISP Soccer 7s and the Academy structure.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from BISP Headmaster Simon Meredith, expressing both pleasure and honour in celebrating the official opening of the Jeff LaMantia Pitch. Mr Meredith highlighted the facility’s significance in providing world-class resources to students, regardless of weather conditions, fostering resilience and dedication.

“ The Jeff LaMantia Pitch holds special significance as it represents a commitment to providing our students with world class facilities. This covered pitch ensures that our students can engage in sports activities regardless of weather conditions, fostering a culture of resilience and dedication.” – Simon Meredith BISP Headmaster

Director of Football, Jonathas Candido, shared heartfelt words about Jeff’s legacy. He emphasised Jeff’s role as the heartbeat of the athletic community, a mentor, friend, and source of inspiration. Jonathas spoke of Jeff’s passion for sportsmanship and respect, values that continue to resonate within the BISP family.

“ Jeff taught us that victory was not just about winning games but about the character we displayed on and off the field. Today we celebrate one of his biggest wishes in the school that is finally fulfilled. Though he may no longer be with us physically, his spirit will forever be in the heart of our athletic community. Let us honour his memory by upholding the standards he set and by living the lessons that he taught us.”-  Jonathas Candido BISP Director of Football

The BISP Jeff LaMantia covered pitch is not just a facility; it is a symbol of commitment to providing students with cutting-edge resources while remaining environmentally conscious. Mr. Meredith encouraged the entire school community to make the most of this exceptional facility, expressing hope that the Jeff LaMantia Pitch would witness countless moments of triumph, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

The opening of the Jeff LaMantia Pitch at BISP is more than a physical expansion; it’s a celebration of a life dedicated to sports and the enduring values of sportsmanship. As students, staff, and parents gather to use and appreciate this state-of-the-art facility, we carry forward Jeff LaMantia’s legacy, ensuring that his spirit remains an integral part of the BISP athletic community for generations to come.