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The recent Physical Wellbeing Day was rounded off with a burst of energy and enthusiasm as the Secondary School Sports Bonanza took over the school campus Led by our Year 12 students, this extravaganza brought together participants from Years 7 to 11, offering an extensive array of sporting activities to ignite passion and encourage unity among our student body.

In a departure from the usual routine, students from Years 7 to 11 opted into the activities, seizing the opportunity to explore new passions and connect with peers. Year group boundaries blurred as students collaborated across ages, enjoying the chance to work together and learn from one another in a dynamic and supportive environment.

From the graceful movements of yoga to the whoops of triumph in ultimate frisbee, there was something for everyone in the twenty different sporting activities on offer under the guidance of expert facilitators and enthusiastic student coaches. Whether mastering the art of Muay Thai with Coach Danilo Alves, manoeuvring through obstacles in Parkour with Coach Champ, or perfecting dance routines with Ms Sam Wilson, each student embraced the opportunity to push their limits and explore new pursuits.

The bonanza was a huge success and a testament to the values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship that define us as a community.