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Towards the end of Term 3, 60 BISP Year 3 and 4 students took part in the prestigious First Maths Challenge, organised by the Mathematical Association in the UK. Facing a tough set of questions designed to test their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical skills, our young mathematicians rose to the occasion with great determination and skill.

The results were excellent, with a number of our BISP students earning high scores on the leaderboard. The students’ achievements were celebrated in an assembly where students received certificates. This outstanding performance not only reflects the quality of our Primary mathematics curriculum and the expertise of our teachers but also the commitment of our learners to excel in this subject.

At BISP, we take great pride in providing our students with opportunities to push the boundaries of their mathematical abilities and emerge as confident, problem-solving leaders of the future. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the ‘First Maths Challenge’, we look forward to your continued success.