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On Tuesday, September 26th, Mr. Lord, BISP Primary Maths Coordinator, along with the support of Mrs. Walter, our Primary Principal, provided parents with an insight into Maths in the Primary School.  The workshop gave a snapshot of how Maths is taught in the classroom from Years 1 to 6. With the aim to provide parents with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the maths curriculum and how they can support it at home. 

The workshop focused on three key areas: 

  • Informing parents about what happens in Maths lessons through the use of photos and practical examples. 
  • Guiding parents and caregivers on how to support their child at home, not only with their Maths knowledge but also by emphasising the importance of developing a positive attitude towards Maths. 
  • Introducing the new approach to reporting students’ progress going forward and explaining how student progress is assessed.

The presentation was well attended, highlighting the high level of parental involvement BISP benefits from.  Parents showed support and interest in the new approach, with many asking follow-up questions. The workshop was a success and we look forward to continuing to foster positive relationships between the school and parents.