Maths teachers and BISP in Phuket ThailandAs an international school, we are keen to find and learn from good practice around the world. In the most recent example of this, teachers in the Primary School have benefited from the visit of Professor Huang of Shanghai Normal University.
Professor Huang is a leading figure in the Shanghai Maths Project, under which over the past few years there has been exchange of teachers and ideas between schools in Shanghai and England regarding the effective teaching of Mathematics. Professor Huang was accompanied to BISP by two highly-regarded Maths teachers from Shanghai who have also been heavily involved in this project, Dai Rong and Wang Yan.
Having explained to the staff the background to this project and some of the philosophy of Shanghai Maths, the team was able to spend time demonstrating their techniques in classrooms from Year 1 to Year 6, following which there were detailed and fruitful debriefing and discussion sessions with our teachers and the team from Shanghai.
Our teachers have been able to draw comparisons between the successful practices we share as well as picking up on ideas to possibly strengthen what we currently do. It was a mutually successful and beneficial visit, and we are very appreciative of their visit