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During the first half of term 1, Year 3 students embarked on an exciting journey back in time to explore the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt as part of their history unit. The adventure began with a visit to the awe-inspiring Ancient Pyramid of Giza. 

To make the learning experience immersive, one of the classrooms was transformed into the interior of an ancient tomb. The room was darkened to create an atmosphere of mystery and filled with a collection of meticulously curated Egyptian artefacts. The students, eager and curious, entered the tomb through a tunnel to explore these relics from the past. Throughout the remainder of the unit, the students researched the roles of various Pharaohs, using a range of resources including books, Google Earth and educational videos, all of which enriched their understanding of the culture, history, and civilization of Ancient Egypt.

Toward the end of the unit, the young historians put their knowledge to good use by creating informative information reports and sharing findings and insights with enthusiasm. To add a creative touch, the students also channelled their inner artists, crafting Pharaoh-inspired artworks that showcased their newfound knowledge and creativity. The parents had the privilege of witnessing their children’s newfound expertise during a special presentation on the final day of school, reinforcing the idea that learning history can be both educational and a lot of fun. The journey into Ancient Egypt was a rewarding and fun-filled experience for both the students and their dedicated teachers.