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The BISP Year 4 students recently ventured on an exciting field trip to explore the Mangroves and Rainforests of Phuket. It was wonderful to see them apply all the information they have been learning during their Topic lessons as we explored these unique ecosystems. 

During their trip, the students examined the various layers of the rainforest, observed the tangled mangrove trees, and spotted different creatures emerging at low tide. Despite the sweat and mud, it was an unforgettable experience. Here is what some of our young explorers had to say:

“I loved seeing the waterfall and hearing the gibbon monkeys calling out in the rainforest.” – Anna

“I enjoyed exploring the mangroves with my friends. We saw lots of crabs running along the sand.” – Jonathan

“The hike through the rainforest was such fun, and I enjoyed looking at the different layers.” – Taylor

“My partner and I spotted a kingfisher and an egret in the mangroves!” – Jackson

The goal of Topic lessons  is to allow students to explore subject matter in greater depth and to create connections between different disciplines (such as Science, Art, Geography, and History). The Year 4 trip to the Mangroves and Rainforests of Phuket beautifully showcases how hands-on experiences can bring classroom lessons to life, inspiring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world among our young learners.