A big thank you to BISP Year 6 students Bambi, Kate, Ethan, Riley, Hamish, Maia, Thea, Clayton and Valeriya for planning, setting up and running the PE lessons this past week.

The Year 6 wellbeing leaders led PE lessons for our Year 1 and Year 2 students in the sports hall as part of a completely student run event. With the Year 6 students planning, organising and leading the activities for the Year 1-2 students who had the opportunity to participate in games such as “Dodge the Animals”, “Floor is Lava”, “Tunnels and Caves”, “Bake the Cake”, Hot Potato” and “Lily Pads”, exploring their agility, balance and coordination skills. They carouselled around the six activities over their two PE lessons within the week.

This was a fantastic experience for all involved as the Year 6 leaders did a fabulous job explaining and demonstrating their activity as well as encouraging and supporting the younger students, displaying great leadership skills. The younger students responded positively to the Year 6s and had lots of fun taking part in the activities. For the PE teachers it was a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to observe all the students involved and to witness such positive interactions between the older and younger students.