BISP artist in residence 2020 2 We have been very fortunate to have the talented artist Kanjana Khumcruth and her team in the studio for our Artist in Residence week. Thai artist Kanjana has delivered daily workshops to all of our Year 8 and our Y12 IB Visual Art students. Kanjana works in a Pop Art Surrealism style. Her work is reminiscent of her happiness in childhood and takes the form of bright doll-like figures.

The students have learnt how to compose a similar self-portrait in this style with wide eyes and pink toned facial features. They have discovered new blending and brush techniques in acrylic paint. “We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Kanjana,” commented Charlotte McGuigan, Head of Art and Design at BISP.

If you would like to see, or purchase, Kanjana’s work, she is based in the Gantu Studio in Phuket Town. She is also available for private workshops. 

BISP artist in residence 2020 1Kanjana will be joining us again to open the Imponderabilia IB Visual Arts exhibition on the 23rd of March.