Saanvi has been studying at BISP for six years since joining the school at the start of Year 8 in 2017. She has received offers from universities in the UK and Canada but is still deciding on which university to choose for her undergraduate studies. Saanvi has decided to study Biochemistry at university. Saanvi shares that the IB has equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about her future. Stating that it has prepared her for the rigours of university-level studies, giving her the confidence and motivation to pursue a degree in biochemistry. Additionally, studying at BISP has improved Saanvi’s appetite for music, art, and sports and has contributed to her overall development. While at BISP, Saanvi was the Head of the Relate Student Leadership Team and a member of the Student Wellbeing team. During her time in this role, she learnt invaluable lessons on teamwork and communication skills while organising fundraising events and wellbeing programs for students.