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We are excited to share the significant developments that have unfolded over the summer months. A highlight is the approaching completion of our covered multi-purpose pitch with showers, toilets and changing facilities, which will serve as a hub for sports and physical education activities.

Our dedication to enhancing our boarding facilities is evident not only through the freshly painted boarding houses, but also through some significant renovations within the boarding houses, creating a welcoming atmosphere for our residential students. The transformation extends to our academic spaces, with the renovation of the second floor of the MTB building, including upgraded rooms and modernised restroom facilities.

The Year 1 & 2 pod has also received a facelift with new flooring and a fresh ambience. Our Early Years section has seen the addition of new sinks and engaging play areas, fostering an environment conducive to exploration and creativity. The outdoors has come alive with the introduction of new playground equipment for our Primary and Early Years students, and a serene outdoor Sala in the boarding quad.

Further enhancements include soundproofing and acoustic improvements in our music rooms and refectory. In addition, we have invested significantly in new academic resources and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring our students have the best tools for their learning journey.

With the supporting structure already installed, we are pleased to announce the imminent installation of a lift in the MTB building (end of term 1), which will enhance accessibility for all. These collective efforts reflect our commitment to creating a dynamic, supportive, inspiring and inclusive learning environment for all BISP students.

We look forward to sharing more development plans over the coming months…