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Towards the end of Term 3, the BISP swimming pools were a focal point for four days of exciting PE swimming galas, where all students from Nursery to Year 9 took part in the fun activities on offer. Parents, peers and staff all cheered as our BISP students made a splash!

Early Years and Key Stage 1 were welcomed to our ‘Paradise Island’ at the BISP Primary Pool, as they dived into different tropical-themed skill-based activities such as the Palm Tree Push, Coconut Collect and Dolphin Dash. Key Stage 2 students took part in a more traditional style swimming gala, with a mixture of 25m and 50m races seeing the Yellow Leopards in Years 3 and 4 and the Red Tigers in Years 5 and 6 emerge victorious. 

Up in the 50m pool, our Key Stage 3 students did a marvellous job as they rotated through various stations that tested a range of aspects of our aquatic syllabus, such as personal survival and lifesaving, with the Green Cobras gaining the most house points, much to the delight of their lively team members. 

The 2023 BISP Curriculum Swim Galas were a great opportunity for students to showcase their PE skills and for the community to come together and cheer on our talented swimmers in a series of exciting races. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who supported these fun-filled events. We look forward to what the next academic year will bring.