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The Wai Kru ceremony is a cherished Thai tradition, symbolising gratitude and the formalisation of the student-teacher relationship. At BISP it is held at the start of the school year and is viewed as an elegant way to kick off the academic year, characterised by formality and decorum.

In the Primary School, the Thai department hosted two assemblies as well as some garland-making activities for students. The assembly featured captivating performances by Year 4 students, speeches by the respective Deputy Principals, Mr Hyde and Ms McCarthy, and a heartwarming vow ceremony presented by class representatives, concluding with a closing speech by BISP Primary Principal, Mrs Walter.

The Secondary School Wai Kru celebrations unfolded in two sessions for Middle School (Year 7 – 9) and the second session for Upper School and Senior School (Year 10-13) students. Both formal assemblies included impressive student performances, speeches and poetry recitals celebrating the student-teacher bond with flair while culminating with closing remarks from BISP Secondary Principal Mr. Crossland.

The BISP 2023 Wai Kru celebrations demonstrate the respect and gratitude our students hold for their teachers and set the tone for the upcoming academic year. The Primary and Secondary Thai Departments were responsible for organising and conducting the events for them and we would like to thank them for their hard work and for sharing Thai culture with the students and BISP community.